3D epoxy flooring is a new flooring design use in the 21st century as a graphic floor that houses many different types graphic design as desired by its users. or 3D floors are modern types of polymeric floors that helps brings to reality any imagination through the use of liquid epoxy materials which solidifies after a period of time.

The striking designs and pictures make your home look like a paradise. Because of its permanence and magnetic inductance, it is now been applied in hospitals, industries, warehouse, factories, garages, parking lots, apartment, hotels, car showrooms, offices and shopping malls. 3D flooring installation process involves laying down a layer of self-leveling primer followed by the desired image or graphics design. This is then treated with two major transparent-component such as epoxy and polyurethane to give the perfect image depth. note: A level of protective varnish is the final step.

3D flooring is undoubtedly cleanable, dust free, and durable. without cracks or angled corners, and of course has a high resistance to chemical attack. One of the most important stages in the installation of the 3D epoxy flooring, is to ensure that the floor humidity is minimal. If one chooses to make a drawing with painting 3D floor art, then after drying, it is essential that the primer design is covered. However, basement is strong no doubt about that, but when your floor covering has that 3D epoxy coating touch over it, it becomes stronger and harder on the earth. Not only that it turns out to be amazingly stronger but it furthermore develops the finishing needed for a magnificent interior in addition, Not just that  epoxy floors are sturdier than regular types but they also withstand better to degradation, water and other elements.


The following are the types of 3D epoxy floors-Monochrome floor systems, Single color floor system, Multi color floor system, Metallic single color floor system, Metallic multi color floor system, Chameleon floor system, Fluorescent floor system and Self-leveling floor system.


Epoxy: This is a floor coating which is used In multiple layers of the floors to the depth of less than 2mm. it is important to note that there are a lot of materials you can find in the market, here we will discuss the most important of al which are resins and hardeners.

These are chemicals that when mix together in the correct proportion react together to form a types of plastic which is very hardened.


  1. Transparent Top Coat
  2. Image
  3. Mid Coat
  4. Primer
  5. Treated base.


Step 1: Site Location

Step 2: Mixture of your concrete

(2 wheel barrow of sharp sand, 1 wheel barrow of granite 2 inch 1 bag of cement)

NOTE: the poured ground most not be less than 1 inch.

The most important thing in this layer is that your surface must be level and smooth.


The primer has two components PRM 1 & PRM 2.

Note different companies has different name for their product, you must at all times read through the manufacturer prescription.

STEP 1 mix PRM1 to PRM2

Ratio 2: 1

STEP 2: Apply on the floor with the use of tools like roller and a splash pan

STEP 3: Wait for 12 hours


MDC1 MDC2 +Quarter

Ratio MDC1 10

MDC2 5

Quarter = 7.5


NOTE: you must first add your quartz to your MDC1 mix very well before adding MDC2 to avoid cooking.

STEP 1: Pour out the portion of MDC1 to be use into a container.

STEP 2: add your quartz and mix

STEP 3: Add you MDC2 and stir

STEP 4: Apply to the floor, and use trowel blade to spread.

STEP 5: Wait for at least 12 hours to dry.

STEP 6: Grind the floor to remove all particles and make it smooth with

the use of tools like floor polisher grind or sand paper.

STEP 7: clean from all dust

STEP 8: Apply color coat with the use of scraper or roller

Leave for 12 hours

Note: When requesting for color top Coat the background color of your vinyl should be taken into consideration. Color top coat comes in component A and component B.


Step 1: free your surface from dust

Step 2: Put your vinyl

Note: Your vinyl must be with optimum resolution. You can have artist to help in telling this.


This layer serves as a protective layer to your vinyl

Step 1: Mix scratch proof component A and component 5

Step 2: Apply through the use of a roller

Step 3: Allow for 7 days to fully cure your floor is ready for use.








  • High strength: Epoxy is virtually impervious and highly resistant to acid, chlorine and other materials such as bleaches and daily cleaner. This makes the floors recommendable for industrial usage.
  • Easily maintained: 3D floors has no joint, pores, and gaps which makes it totally immune to any kind of dirt, dust, water and chemicals.
  • Visual effect: One thing that makes 3D floors stand out is the beautiful and stunning visual effect which gives you the chance to implement your imaginations and make the floors attractive.
  • Safe hygienically: 3D Epoxy floor does not accumulate dust and does not create a comfortable environment for pathogens or bacteria. The materials have no odor and corrosive fumes.
  • Fire resistance: Epoxy and polymers do not burn.
  • Very easy to clean and maintain.


1.It is hard to install and takes time to cure.

2.High cost: There are very few professional and the demand is very high.

3.Cold floor: The floor is very cold.

  • The following precaution must be taken to have a good result.
  • Firm Surface: the surface of your 3D floor must be firm as weak surface & can easily spoil the job.
  • Concrete preparation: the proper ratio of concrete must be used to avoid cracks in no time.
  • The use of wrong chemicals or materials: The materials use at all times must match the purpose it should be used for.
  • Unwanted particles: Things like dust, oil and other particles should be avoided to have a good result.
  • Humidity Condition: Check the humidity because it is important that humidity throughout the area does not exceed 4% or it can peel off your beautiful floor.

Note: But if you are a very handy person and would like to install the 3D floor design by yourself, you can follow the following installation steps:

  • Test the slab for moisture and vapor emissions. Moisture can cause adhesive failures, promote mold, mildew growth and result in curling or bubbling.
  • Fully prepare the substrate surface. Use diamond grinding tools or sanding tools to prep the entire concrete floor or basement. Patch all the cracks surface, no bevels and the entire surface must be perfectly smooth. Make sure to cover and tape the surrounding area.
  • Auto scrub and vacuum the floor to completely clean the surface. There shouldn’t be even the tiniest dust.
  • Check the humidity. It is important that humidity throughout the area does not exceed 4%, otherwise in a week or two the beautiful newly installed floor will peel off.
  • Apply the self-leveling epoxy primer.
  • Install the 3D floor mural. If the basis of the pattern chosen is 3D floor mural, make sure bonding to the substrate was nowhere folds or creases.
  • Install 2 layers of clear epoxy or more often, polyurethane to build a transparent layer of epoxy coating over the 3D floor mural. This layer will provide the desired perception of depth as well as the protection of the 3D floor mural. Such a layer should be installed with even more attention to detail and the much of care. All speck of dust, hairs, etc. need to be removed.
  • If necessary, apply a top coat protective sealer.

3D epoxy flooring can increase productivity in factories, warehouses and stores since they allow for faster material movement and prevents the floor from deterioration. These can lead to additional money coming into the firm and less expense in the area of renewal and mending. One of the sole reasons why many of the factories, stores and warehouse owners choose to shield their floors with 3D epoxy floor design is because it makes their floors chemical resistant.

If your business is one that has to do with chemicals, then investing in 3D flooring is very clever choice made. If you have your floor covered with 3D epoxy graphics flooring, be rest assured that dust and dirt can easily be wiped or cleaned. For this purpose, 3D epoxy graphics floor coatings are perfect for pharmaceutical plants ,food and beverage plants, and packaging plants. A 3D epoxy graphics floor coating makes a floor surface hard and durable, which makes it right for just about any business.


3D Epoxy graphics floor is a new method of tiring, applying basement in a smooth and more durable which has more graphics design that makes the houses, offices, church, ware houses, and food plant unique among other system of flooring.

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