ardiuno concept

Arduino concept is an Open source based electronic programmable board (microcontroller)& software(IDE) that Accepts analog& digital signal.

is an Open source based electronic programmable board (microcontroller)and software(1DE) that Accepts analog and digital signals as input and gives desired output And No extra hardware required to load a program into the controller board.

Types of Arduino Board (Arduino concept)

boards based on ATMEGA328 microcontroller
boards based on ATMEGA32u4 microcontroller
boards based on ATMEGA2560 microcontroller
boards based on AT91SAM3X8E microcontroller.

Arduino UNO

Operating Voltage
Clock Speed
Digital 1/0
Analog Input
USB via ATMega 16U2.

Board Details of Arduino Uno

Power Supply: USB or
power barrel jack
Voltage Regulator
LED Power Indicator
Tx-Rx LED Indicator
Output power, Ground
Analog Input Pins
Digital 1/0 Pins.

Arduino IDE (Arduino concept)

Arduino IDE is an open source software that is used to program the controller board Based on variations of the C and C++ programming language It can be downloaded from Arduino’s website and installed into PC.

Arduino IDE Set Up
Power the board by connecting it to a PC via USB cable
Launch the Arduino IDE
Set the board type and the port for the board
TOOLS->BOARD-> select your board
TOOLS-> PORT-> select your port.
Arduino IDE Overview
Program coded in Arduino IDE
is called a SKETCH.

To create a new sketch
To open an existing sketch
File-> open ->
There are some basic ready-to-use
sketches available in the EXAMPLES
File-> Examples-> select any program
Verify: Checks the code for
compilation errors
Upload: Uploads the final code to
the controller board
New: Creates a new blank sketch
with basic structure
Open: Opens an existing sketch
Save: Saves the current sketch
Serial Monitor: Opens the serial
All the data printed to the console are displayed here.

Sketch Structure

A sketch can be divided into two parts:
Setup ()
The function setup() is the point where
the code starts, just like the main()
function in C and C++/O Variables, pin modes are initialized in the Setup() function Loopl() function, as the name suggests, iterates the specified task in the program.


ardiuno is an electronics circuit used to carry out many electronic project.


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