arduino feactures

arduino function libraries Input/Output Functions:The arduino pins can be configured to act as input or output pins using thepinMode() fuction.

Void setup (0
pinMode (pin, mode);
Pin-pin number on the Arduino board

digitalWrite(0: Writes a HIGH or LOW value to a digital pin
analogRead): Reads from the analog input pin i.e., voltage applied across the
Character functions such as isdigit(), isalpha(), isalnum(), isxdigit(), islower(),
isupper(), isspace() return 1(true) or 0(false)
Delay() function is one of the most common time manipulation function used
to provide a delay of specified time. It accepts integer value (time in

Example- Blinking LED

Requirement: Arduino Function Libraries
Arduino controller board, USB connector
Bread board, LED, 1.4Kohm resistor,
connecting wires, Arduino IDE
Connect the LED to the Arduino using the
Bread board and the connecting wires
Connect the Arduino board to the PC using
the USB connector
Select the board type and port
Write the sketch in the editor, verify and

Connect the positive terminal of the
LED to digital pin 12 and the negative
terminal to the ground pin (GND) of
Arduino Board.
image setup
void setupl){
pinMode(12, OUTPUT); // set the pin mode
void loop(){
digitalWrite(12, HIGH); I/ Turn on the LED
digitalWrite(12, LOW); //Turn of the LED
Set the pin mode as output which is
connected to the led, pin 12 in this
Use digitalWrite() function to set the
output as HIGH and LOw
Delay() function is used to specify
the delay between HIGH-LOW
transition of the output.

image setup Arduino Function Libraries

Connect he board to the PC
Set the port and board type
Verify the code and upload, notice the TX
RX led in the board starts flashing as the
code is uploaded.
Random Number
Operators in Arduino
Control Statement
Example Program
Math Library.


Arduino Function Libraries are the environment where you get all related document that can serve as a guild when working on arduino.

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