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Here is Computer keyboard Shortcut keys and they are programmed in a way in which you get a better result in your output as desired by it’s user.

                         COMPUTER SHORTCUT KEYS

However, In Computer keyboard Shortcut keys, there are some common hardware problems that can be avoided, in other to prevent the computer keyboard from damage. There are three preventive measures to be taken to avoid keyboard damage. They are listed below

  1. Dust control
  2. Surge control
  3. Heat control


Dust is very harmful for computer parts. Excess dust can cause mechanical failures, particularly on computer components such as keyboard etc.


  • Minimize dust in a computer  lab
  • Always clean or wipe the keyboard with duster or dry cloth
  • Always cover the system after use with dust cover.


Because of bad electrical supply in some country surge need to be controlled in other to prevent the system parts from damage due to excess voltage in the device.


  • Ensure that your socket is in good health before using your system
  • Ensure that the UPS used is required for your system to carry
  • Always check the fuse and adapter before using


Heat is one of the thing that can damage the system component parts easily, ways in which heat can be controlled are as follows:

  • The system must have heat sinks for power dissipated
  • The system must have fan for cooling
  • The system should be kept in a conducive environment.



Computer keyboard Shortcut Keys help the users to access and send information into the system which makes the interaction between human and system easier


Hence, the computer shortcut keys are as follows

Creating a unique Image in a uniform world

  1. é…………………………………………….. alt 0233
  2. É…………………………………………….. alt 0201
  3. ñ……………………………………………… alt 0241
  • File name options in current program :
  • Alt +E= Edith options in current program.
  • Ctrl +A select all test
  • Ctrl +X cut selected item
  • Ctrl +C copy selected item
  • Ctrl +V paste
  • Ctrl +Home Go to Beginning of Document End Go to end of Current Line
  • Ctrl +End Go to end of Document
  • Ctrl +E Align selected
  • Ctrl +Q Align selected paragraph to the left
  • Ctrl +L Align selected text or line to the left
  • Ctrl +J justify paragraph alignment
  • Ctrl +H find and replace options
  • Ctrl +G find and replace options
  • Ctrl +Z Undo last action
  • Ctrl +Y Redo the last action performed
  • Ctrl +U underline the Highlighted selection
  • Ctrl +K Insert link
  • Ctrl +I Italicize Highlighted selection
  • Ctrl +F Open find box
  • Ctrl +P Open the print window
  • Ctrl +O Open Option
  • Ctrl +N Open New/Blank document
  • Ctrl +B Bold highlighted selected
  • Ctrl +R Reply to an email
  • Ctrl +F Forward an email
  • Ctrl +N create a new email
  • Ctrl +shift +A Create a new appointment to your calendar
  • Ctrl + shift +O Open the outbox
  • Ctrl + shift +I Open the inbox
  • Ctrl + shift +K Add a new task
  • Ctrl + shift +C Create a new contact
  • Ctrl + shift +J Create a new journal entry.


  • Alt + Tab Switch between open application
  • Alt+ Shift+ Tab Switch backwards between open applications
  • Alt +print screen Create screen shot for current program
  • Ctrl +Alt +Del Reboot/Windows task manager
  • Ctrl +Esc Bring up start menu
  • Alt +Esc switch between application on taskbar
  • F2 Rename selected icon
  • F3 Start find from desktop
  • F4 Open the drive selection when browsing
  • F5 Refresh contents
  • Alt+F4 Close current open program
  • Ctrl+F4 Close window in program
  • Ctrl + Plus Key  Automatically adjust widths of all columns in windows Explorer
  • Alt++Enter Open properties window of selected icon or program
  • Shift+F10 Simulate right-click on selected item
  • Shift +Del Delete program/files permanently


  • WINKEY+D Bring desktop to the top of other windows
  • WINKEY+M Minimize all windows
  • WINKEY+SHIFT+M Undo the minimize done by WINKEY+M and WINKEY+D
  • WINKEY+E Open Microsoft Explorer
  • WINKEY +Tab Cycle through open programs on taskbar
  • WINKEY+F Display the window Search/Find feature
  • WINKEY +Ctrl +F Display the search for computers window
  • WINKEY+U Open utility manager
  • WINKEY+R Open the run window


Alt +S Send the email

Ctrl +C copy selected text

Ctrl +K Complete name/email typed in address bar

Ctrl +P Open print dialog box

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