envelop bag making

Here are the easiest way to make your envelop bags and envelop bags are the most beautiful and simple bags to make.

Objectives of bags making

  • envelop bags are the most the liable bags to use
  • envelop bags add more color to out fit.
  • its mostly use for some culturally activities.

Materials for Envelop Bags Making

  • Gum
  •  Foam
  • Ankara material
  • Gum can
  • Gum brush
  • Fiber
  • Sucker
  • Biro
  • Bag locker
  • lining
  • Tape
  • Puncher
  • Hillet
  • Bag stand
  • Ruler
  • Cutter
  • Magnetic clock
  • Hammer
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Bag  accessories.
  • Mallet
  • Bag hand

uses of some tools used for envelop bag making

  • mallet are use as hammer here to lap the bag together with the Ankara
  • Scissors are use for cutting of the material needed for the production.
  • Bag  accessories are the necessary materials used to add beauty to your bags.
  • Ankara material are material with different design which add more color to envelop bag specially use for traditional wear.

Steps involved in making envelop bags

  1. Prepare your table set for work with all the necessary material needed for the bags making.
  2. Choose the appropriate color and fiber material desired for the production.
  3. Cut out 30cm length from the fiber and 12cm breath and remove 5cm each from the length and breath already cut out.

For instant,








The total length is ( 30cm) and the breath is (12cm)







The total length is (28.5cm) and the breath is (11.5cm)

Note. Cut out the fiber into two with the measurements required together with the Ankara material.

  1. Apply gum on the fiber and foam to the first one and lining to the other one ,also apply gum on the Ankara material to the one with foam.
  2. Cut out the size of the bag with Ankara and lining and then gum them together.
  3. Placed them together and measure and then fix the magnetic clock, (note: the magnetic clock helps in locking the bag).
  4. Gum the side material to the fiber together with the lining.
  5. Apply gum to both the fiber and Ankara and place them together.


Envelop Bags with Ankara are the most beautiful and simple bags to use in our out fit. However, with the above steps you can be able to make a new envelop bags.

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