sewing techniques


Here, Simple techniques for sewing male trousers, clothing are what man can not do without which are generally used to cover nakedness.


  • To cover one nakedness.
  • To bring out one beauty.
  • To make peoples tradition more unique.
  • Helps to protect one from some diseases of life.
  • Clothing helps to improve economy.


  • Sewing machine
  • Needle of different size such as size 16,17,18,19,20, and 21.
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Book
  • Biro
  • Chalk
  • Ankara materials of different colors and design
  • Rarer
  • Chortle
  • Chair
  • Thread depending on the color of the material
  • Razor blade
  • Iron
  • Cutting table
  • Collar gum
  • Chest gum
  • Hair stair
  • Paper gum
  • Button (pressing button, shirt button etc.)
  • Zip
  • Hook
  • Harming gum.



Noted ensure that you turn the back on the Ankara material when cutting, and straight it well to ensure that all the edges lap together.

Step 1.

Measure out the waist and divide it by four potions (if the waist is 32inch then divided by 4 will give you 8inch then you add  1 and half to it making it 9 and half inch)

Note: if the trousers is for fishing, you then add 2inchs and mark it out starting from the edge of the waist that ranges from 30 to 33inchs.

The flap is always 10inchs from the waist.

Step 2.

Measure out the flap which is 10inch from the edge vertically and then, at that point horizontally, measure 9  and half inch and then add 1 and half inch to it for flap curving.

Step 3.

Measure the length(note remove 1inch from the waist , and then at the bottom add 2 and half inch for flooding.

Step 4.

Mark out the kneel and its always fall in-between the ranges of 20 to 23inch depending on the length of the trousers and you measure from the waist .(note: to get the round kneel, divide your result measured by 2 in other to add sharp to it ,you then minus 1inch from it.

Step 5.

Draw out the sharp of your design as marked.

Step 6.

Cut it out(note: from the waist measure out 7inch for pocket vertically and then horizontally cut half inch and then cut down to the bottom as drew.


Note: before cutting the back portion, you then turn the front pattern upside down and place it on top of the material.

Step 1.

Measure 3 and half inch depending on the size of the owner, from the flap of the front pattern.


To get the back pattern curve, you measure out 2 and half inch from the flap and then draw  a straight line and on it make an intersection to get it right.

Step 3.

From the initial measurement of the front pattern you add 2 and half inch, then  you draw a line to meet your curve.

Step 4.

From the bottom you add 2inch and then 1 ¾ to it at the space of 1 inch, 2,1 ¾ ,2 ½ ,2 ¾,3,1 ¾,3 ½ ).(note: ensure that the last part should end at 3 ½ or 4 ½ to get it exactly.

Step 5.

To cut out the main flap, measure out 2 ½ by 9inch (L*B) at the bottom, mark out a sharp curve at the front and then at the back you extend it with a vertical curve.

Step 6.

From the front portion, you map out  2,1 ¾ from the flap upwards, then from the 2, 1 ¾ you measure out 6 ½ inch for the zip and cut out the excess. But before then, measure out 2  ½ inch from the waist edge before cutting out the excess.


  1. Fixing of pocket
  2. Fixing of flap
  3. Fixing of zip
  4. Creating of dat for the back pocket
  5. Forming of back pocket
  6. Joining the front and back pattern together
  7. Fixing of waist
  8. Finishing.

1.Needle are use to put bottom on the trousers(hand needle) and also its mainly use on the machine(machine of different sizes) to join the Ankara material together.

2. Chalk are use to draw line as marked out on the Ankara material.

3. Electric iron are use to stretch and make the material to be sew neat and plain.

4.Biro are used to write down the measurement.


5. Book are use to put down the measurement, which serve as record book.

6. Scissor is the major tools used for sewing which are use to cut the material to be sew.

7.Ruler is use to draw line on the material

8.Sewing machine is the engine room that make sewing easy and neat.

9.Tape are use to get the measurement to be sew accurate.

10.Razor blade are use to cut the thread after putting your button.

12. Thread are the most essential tools use for clothing which are mainly use to join the cloth together and also to design the cloth.

13. Harming gum are mainly use to herm the edges of the cloths.

14. Collar gum are mainly use to herm the shirt collar.

15. Chest gum are mainly use to thick the chest of your cloth.

16. Hook are mainly to use to measure and also hold the waist of the trousers.


clothing are the most essential thing to use because of its economical value to humanity.

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