production of paint


Paint production is a process of combining two or more chemicals and water together in other to form a liquid substance.


These are the principle of converting raw chemical materials such as (powder, liquid and solid) through mechanical process into a liquid to produce the following: emulsion, satin, text cote, stucco and gloss, ETC


Scree ding paint is the lowest quality of paint in chemical contents as it is only use to supplement other materials, and the production steps is as follows.


  1. using 22 liters as base production measurement,
  2. Five (5 Liters) liters of water will be poured into the production container


Addition of chemical in the following order into the water in their quantity.

  1. Calgion1/8 kg Steering for mixing begins immediately
  2. Gene pour 1/2 kg keep on steering,
  3. Deforma1/4 kg keep on steering,
  4. Formalin 1/4kg steering continue for proper mixing


  1. Addition of calcium 16.65 kg steer it up and continue until the whole

chemicals are mixed up together as white liquid.


  1. Addition of P.V.A 1 kg steer it up, down left and right to be properly

mixed up as is ready for use immediately after production as screeding paint.

  1. Nitro sol 1/4kg will be mixed in a different container and added to the produced paint to change from light liquid to thick liquid.


The production of every paint begins with water first exception of gloss, produce emulsion it begins with the measurement of chemical in the following order using sealing machine in every step that is taken, for instance let the whole production of paint be twenty liters (20 or 22 1trs) of emulsion paint, and it is produce using the following steps


Let use: Seven (7) 1liters of clean water will be poured into the production container


Chemical will be added into the water in the following order while steering begins immediately be it manual, mechanical or digital production principles.

  • Calgion1/g kg (note: all the chemicals are measured in kilogram)
  •  Gene pour 1/2kg ()Deforma1/4 kg steering continue no stopping
  •  Silicate 1/2 kg Steering continue no stopping
  •  Formalin 1/4 kg
  •  Titan ion dioxide 1/2 kg
  • Calcium 12^1/2 kg Steer up more harder for proper mixing
  •  P.V.A 1^1/2, kg Steer more faster to avoid forming ball of powder gumming each other without proper mixing
  • Nitro sol 1/4kg will be mixed up very fast in a separate container before adding it into the mixing paint in the production container as the speed of steering increase faster both in forward and reverse order to avoid separate solidification of the mixed up chemicals in the container for four (4-10 min) to ten minutes and, Note this is for only twenty (20ltrs) liters paint production but it varies depending on the quantity of production in a single barge of paint. And finally,
  • Packaging of the paint, it can now be poured into different containers depending on their sizes and allow to settle down for the minimum of three (3-6 hrs. ) to six hours before using it for work, that is using it to paint a structure (Structure or house) as brilliant’ white paint Emulsion without any color paste added to it.

paint is one of the most interior material used for beautification of our homes etc.

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