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Here is the Simple Wiring Techniques provided for all the electrical lovers and for those willing to learn more about electrical wiring.

Background of the Training -Simple Wiring Techniques

Successful electric wiring installation is all about arranging electrical accessories and Fittings in such a way that the circuit is complete and appliances can be powered.

To achieve this, some rules must be adhered to. This is one of the reasons cables are Colored.

The red or brown cable is normally used as the LIVE while the black or blue Cable is used as NEUTRAL. In a twin-and-earth cable, the earth cable is the naked cable.

In some other cables, the earth cable is coated with a yellow or green insulator. The order Observed during wiring, is what this experiment hopes to bring out.

Construction of One Lightening point controlled by one switch Tools

  • Hammer
  • A set of screwdrivers
  • Drilling tool
  • Insulated plier
  • Side cutter
  • Electrician’s knife
  • Materials
  • A board of plywood
  • A length of PVC cable
  • Cable clips
  • 1″ nails
  • 1″ screw nails
  • Joint box – 1
  • Tumbler switch – 1
  • Lamp holder – 1
  • 60-W bulb – 1
  • 13amp plug – 1
  • Cello tap
  • Socket – 1
  • Multimeter – 1

Procedure Used for construction-Simple Wiring Techniques

  1. Assemble the tools and materials for the exercise.
  2. Make a sketch on the board Showing the point to place the material for the installation.
  3. Place the junction box at the center of the board and tight it firmly.
  4. Place the switch on the west side of the board.
  5. Place the lamp holder fittings at the north side of the board.
  6. Place the socket at the East side of the board and connect the live (L) to the point labelled L and neutral cable to the point labelled N on the body of the socket.
  7. Clip the supply cable on the board from the South side of the board into the junction box.
  8. Connect the cable to the switch. Note live (R) to the point labelled L on the switch and also connect the neutral (B) to the point labelled N on the switch.
  9. Clip the cable connected to the switch into the junction box.
  10. Connect the cable to the lamp holder by connecting the live phase to L and neutral phase to N, and the clip the cable into the junction box.
  11. Connect the 13amp plug to the supply end.
  12. Connect the live (L) of the lamp holder to the neutral of the Switch (B).
  13. Connect all live (L) together and all neutral (B) together.
  14. Cello tap all the connections separately as connected.
  15. Connect the Multimeter on the lamp holder fittings LIVE to LIVE and NEUTRAL to NEUTRAL and test for continuity.
  16. Tight the bulb firmly on the lamp holder fittings.


To teach students how to connect one lightening point controlled by one way switch, which will Enable all students to have a skill acquisition and also make him/her  self employed.

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