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A sous chef is a culinary professional who works in a kitchen, typically in a restaurant, hotel, or other food service establishment. The term “sous chef” is derived from French and translates to “under chef” or “assistant chef.” Sous chefs are an integral part of a kitchen’s hierarchy and play a crucial role in the preparation and execution of dishes.
JOB DESCRIPTIONSous ChefAs Sous Chef, you will be responsible for providing excellent guest service and maintain overall efficiency of set standards for the function.
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• Employee benefit card offering discounted rates in Accor worldwide
• Learning programs through our Academies and the opportunity to earn qualifications while you work
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• Ability to make a difference in the local community through our Corporate Social Responsibility activities, like Planet 21What you will be doing: Order and turnover of products in his section through daily inventory lists.Controls cooking procedures, portioning, garnishing and presentation of all dishes.Keeps effective contacts with colleagues of other departments.Is involved on other tasks and cooperates in special projects when required.Sets up work rosters of his section in consultation with the Executive Sous-Chef.Allocates different tasks according to the mise en place list.To consistently provide and maintain the highest standard of guest care and service.To maintain a high standard of personal hygiene and grooming at all times.To act on your responsibilities for Health and Safety at work.Supervising, coordinating and participating in the preparation of mise en place cooking for all F&B outlets.Controls freshness, preparation techniques and storage of goods used.To check junior sous chefs/CDPs on their sections.To assist the Chef de Cuisine in composing new recipes and menu ideas.To demonstrate a working knowledge of fire prevention and to follow theRestaurant evacuation plan on hearing the alarm.To be security conscious with respect to guest, staff and Rixos the Palm Dubai property/welfare and to report suspicious circumstances to your Executive Sous-Chef.Check all food preparation to determine the type and quality of items to be prepared.Work to the specifications received by the Executive Sous-Chef regarding portion size, quantity and quality as laid down in the recipe index.Preparation and compilation of staff meals.Observes and tastes the food during preparation.Ensures that food orders are prepared efficiently and within a reasonable period of time.Ensures that hot dishes leave the Kitchen at the correct temperature.

Your experience and skills include:

• Minimum of 3-4 years experience in hotel is preferred.

• Experience in the GCC and/or Middle East Region is a plus.

• Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal required.

• Be committed to exceeding guest expectations.

Here are some key responsibilities and attributes of a sous chef:

  • Assisting the Head Chef: The sous chef works directly under the head chef and is responsible for helping with various aspects of kitchen management, including menu planning, food preparation, and kitchen staff supervision.
  • Food Preparation: Sous chefs are skilled cooks and are responsible for preparing, cooking, and seasoning dishes. They may also be responsible for creating new dishes or adapting existing ones.
  • Kitchen Management: Sous chefs assist in the overall management of the kitchen. This includes overseeing the kitchen staff, ensuring food safety and quality, and maintaining a clean and organized workspace.
  • Ordering and Inventory: They often play a role in inventory management, which includes ordering ingredients, monitoring supplies, and minimizing food waste.
  • Menu Development: In some establishments, sous chefs are involved in menu planning and development, contributing their culinary expertise to create new and appealing dishes.
  • Training and Supervision: Sous chefs may be responsible for training and supervising junior kitchen staff, such as line cooks, ensuring they follow recipes and maintain quality standards.
    Adaptability: They need to be adaptable and able to handle high-pressure situations in the kitchen. The sous chef is often called upon to step in for the head chef in their absence.
  • Creativity: Many sous chefs are culinary artists in their own right, bringing creativity to the kitchen and contributing to the culinary reputation of the restaurant.
    The exact roles and responsibilities of a sous chef can vary depending on the type and size of the establishment. In smaller kitchens, a sous chef may take on a broader set of responsibilities, while in larger and more specialized kitchens, their role may be more narrowly defined. Ultimately, sous chefs play a crucial role in ensuring that the kitchen runs smoothly and that the food served meets the high standards set by the establishment.
Brief History Of Sous Chef

The history of the sous chef is closely tied to the development of the modern professional kitchen and the traditional brigade system, which was popularized in France during the 19th century. Here’s a brief history of the sous chef:
1. Origin in French Cuisine: The term “sous chef” originates from French cuisine, where “sous” means “under” or “assistant,” and “chef” means “chief” or “head.” In French culinary tradition, the sous chef is the assistant to the head chef.
2. Brigade de Cuisine: The concept of the modern kitchen hierarchy, with various ranks and roles, was popularized by Georges Auguste Escoffier, a French chef, and author who worked in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He introduced the “brigade de cuisine” system, which organized the kitchen staff into a structured hierarchy, with each role having specific responsibilities.
3. Emergence of Sous Chef Role: The sous chef position emerged as a result of the brigade system. The sous chef was responsible for assisting the head chef (chef de cuisine) in various kitchen tasks, such as food preparation, managing the kitchen staff, and overseeing daily kitchen operations.
4. Culinary Education and Professionalization: As the culinary profession evolved and culinary schools, such as Le Cordon Bleu, gained prominence, sous chefs started to receive formal training and education, which further professionalized the role.
5. Expansion Beyond France: Over time, the concept of the sous chef and the brigade system spread beyond France and became the standard in professional kitchens worldwide. This system ensured that large kitchen operations could run efficiently with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.
6. Modern Sous Chef Role: Today, the sous continues to be a vital part of the kitchen hierarchy in restaurants, hotels, and various food service establishments. The role of the sous chef has evolved to encompass a broad range of responsibilities, including menu development, kitchen management, staff training, and more.

In summary

The history of the sous  is closely tied to the development of professional kitchens and the culinary traditions of France. It has evolved over the years to adapt to changing culinary practices and the increasing professionalization of the culinary field. The sous remains a key figure in the modern kitchen, working closely with the head chef to ensure the smooth operation of the kitchen and the production of high-quality cuisine.

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