Cyber Field Engineer – Dubai 2023/2024

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A Cyber Field Engineer in Dubai would typically be responsible for various tasks related to cybersecurity within a field or operational environment. This role combines technical expertise with on-site responsibilities to ensure the security and integrity of computer systems, networks, and data.


  • * Location: Dubai** Come Hack With Us! Join us on our mission of protecting organizations against the most advanced attackers in the world! Pentera is the leader for Automated Security Validation, allowing every organization to test with ease the integrity of all cybersecurity layers, unfolding true, current security exposures at any moment, at any scale. As a result, thousands of security professionals and service providers worldwide use our platform to guide remediation and close security gaps before they are exploited. We are a unicorn with more than 300 employees around the globe, with over 700 customers in production in more than 45 countries! Pentera has won various Industry Awards, including the Frost & Sullivan “Best Practices Award for Global Breach & Attack Simulation (BAS) Market Leadership 2022 and the 2020 Gartner Cool Vendor Award. We are backed by Top tier investors such as Insight Partners, K1 Investment Management, The Blackstone Group, and AWZ. Penterians are one team with a shared mission. Become a Penterian – change the way the world does cyber! Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Demonstrate a deep understanding and professional knowledge of the Pentera platform across our customers’ networks
  • Lead technical deep-dive sessions with cybersecurity experts, guide them through better procedures and remediation decisions
  • Be involved in the business application of the company by maintaining customer loyalty, act as a product expert focused on customer education, and identifying service expansion opportunities to drive increased revenue
  • Flexibility to accept a changing work description based on a hyper-fast start-up Requirements Requirements
  • Strong knowledge of network security
  • Customer facing experience
  • 3+ years of experience in hands-on Cyber Security positions
  • 2+ years of working with Linux (Ubuntu preferred)
  • Knowledge in troubleshooting, monitoring, and managing TCP/IP networks
  • Customer facing abilities
  • Strong problem-solving and communication skills
  • Great interpersonal skills
  • Valid Driving License
  • Must be willing to travel periodically based on customer and business needs Preferred skills:
  • Experience in Sales Engineering
  • Background in cyber security practices
  • Penetration testing certifications (Advantage)
  • * No relocation ** We are an equal opportunity employer and we are committed to building a diverse and talented workforce. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, colour, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, medical condition, disability, or any other class or characteristic protected by applicable law. We welcome candidates from all backgrounds to join us.


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Here’s a general overview of what a Cyber Field Engineer in Dubai might do:

  1. Network Security: Configure and maintain network security devices such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and intrusion prevention systems. Monitor network traffic for suspicious activity and respond to security incidents.
  2. Endpoint Security: Ensure that all endpoints (computers, servers, mobile devices) are secure by deploying and managing antivirus software, encryption, and security patches.
  3. Incident Response: Develop and implement incident response plans to quickly and effectively respond to cybersecurity incidents. This may involve analyzing and mitigating security breaches.
  4. Vulnerability Assessment: Conduct regular vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to identify weaknesses in the network and applications. Recommend and implement solutions to address vulnerabilities.
  5. Security Awareness: Educate employees and end-users about cybersecurity best practices and provide training on how to recognize and report security threats.
  6. Security Policies: Develop and enforce cybersecurity policies and procedures in accordance with industry standards and regulations. Ensure compliance with local and international cybersecurity laws.
  7. Security Audits: Perform security audits and assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of security controls and identify areas for improvement.
  8. Security Monitoring: Set up and maintain security monitoring tools and systems to detect and respond to security incidents in real-time.
  9. Security Architecture: Collaborate with IT teams to design and implement secure network and system architectures that protect against threats.
  10. Documentation: Maintain detailed records of security incidents, assessments, and policy changes. Create reports for management and regulatory authorities.
  11. Emerging Threats: Stay up-to-date with the latest cybersecurity threats and trends and adjust security measures accordingly.
  12. Compliance: Ensure that the organization complies with relevant cybersecurity standards and regulations, such as GDPR, NIST, ISO 27001, etc.
  13. Vendor Management: Work with third-party vendors to evaluate and implement security solutions and services.
  14. Security Training: Continuously enhance your own knowledge and skills through training and certifications in the field of cybersecurity.
  15. Emergency Response: Be available for emergency response situations, which may require working outside regular office hours.

Dubai, being a global business hub, places a strong emphasis on cybersecurity due to the high volume of data and transactions that occur there. A Cyber Field Engineer in Dubai would likely work in various industries, including finance, healthcare, government, and more, where the protection of sensitive information and critical infrastructure is paramount. The role is crucial in safeguarding organizations from cyber threats and ensuring the smooth operation of their technology systems.

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